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After over ten years of organizing and putting on the loved,  Behind The Picket Fence Market twice a year at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds, we have decided to expand on our original idea! Instead of gathering an amazing group of vendors under one roof for just one or two days out of the year, we decided we needed something more permanent where we could showcase this wonderful group of people all year long!  A location where we could share these wonderful artists, crafters, vintage loving people, amazing customers and friends all in one spot, while still doing what we love. Thus, Red Shed Redos Picket Fence is born! 



Terri & Nick Walton

Terri & Nick Walton



Husband & wife duo, Nick & Terri, have taken on the challenge of creating their vision of  what is currently Red Shed Redos. From the bottom up, together they have made a name for themselves in the community of Sheridan, Wyoming. Both talented & crafty people in their own ways, they make a great team (most of the time)!  Keep in mind a paint brush or tool may get thrown across the room a time or two if something isn't going right with a project they are working on... but this crazy team always can laugh about it at the end, and the majority of the time the project comes out amazing! 


Sonni Williams



Sister to Terri, Sonni takes on anything her older sister throws at her.... (including paint brushes or canvases). Sonni has helped Red Shed since the beginning. Crafty in her own ways too, Sonni takes on a big part of the computer side of the business along with creating projects with Terri & Nick and working on her own crafts. 

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